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Board Members

Board Member Bios and Contact Information

Keith Facer, Chair E-mail
Keith Facer and his wife strongly believe in the foundation of the Core Knowledge Sequence, which is why they chose for their children to attend Jefferson Academy. Keith’s career as an attorney has afforded him the opportunity to work with all levels of management and executives which has sharpened his understanding of the issues impacting business and education. They recently moved to Utah after living in Georgia, Texas, and New Jersey. Keith is grateful to serve JA and is a strong believer in the importance of education to future generations.

Alana Wilson, Financial Coordinator E-mail
Alana Wilson currently resides in Kaysville with her husband and two children.  She was raised in Sandy, UT and has a degree in Psychology with a background in retail management.  After researching several educational options for her daughter, she chose Jefferson Academy because of the Core Knowledge Sequence, the small classes, and the leveled Kindergarten program.  Alana supports parents taking an active role in their children’s education and is excited to serve the Jefferson Academy community.

Shelley Young, Member – E-mail
Shelley is the mom of triplets. Shelley is a dental assistant. She has also worked in customer service and floor sales. “This is a great opportunity to get involved in the community on behalf of something I feel very passionate about. I’ve seen the difference in traditional teaching and following the Core Knowledge Sequence and it’s unbelievable!”

Judy Nixon, Secretary – E-mail
Judy Nixon is passionate about education and school choice.  As an experienced educator and administrator she has an enriched background in the public and charter school educational systems.  Judy believes that the children who come from charter school systems are the hope for the future and is thrilled to bring her expertise to Jefferson Academy.

Taylor Leavitt, Vice Chair – E-mail
Taylor Leavitt and his wife are parents to four daughters.  Education implemented through quality teachers and effective teaching methods were non-negotiable attributes essential to selecting a school for their children; Jefferson Academy was not the closest school to the Leavitt home, but the efficacy of JA’s programs and faculty made the decision to attend an easy one.  Taylor is a strong supporter of charter schools and the unique value proposition they create for children’s education.  Professionally, Taylor works in finance, investing in private equity health care businesses.


Founding Families

A special thank you to the Jefferson Academy Founding Families who contributed significantly to the formation of the school.

• Joshua Bell

• Bruce & Alison Campbell

• Eric & Sharon Cazier

• William Comeau

• Neal Harris

• Mariam Herrman

• Monica McKinlay

• Chris Miller

• Susan Olsen

• Mark & Collete Petty

• Kaylynn Sims

• Tim Vogl

• Shelley Young